Sports World Against Trafficking

What is S.W.A.T. LEAGUE

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S.W.A.T. League means Sports World Against Trafficking

Our Mission

S.W.A.T. LEAGUE is a 501©3 nonprofit organization that exists to utilize the platform and influence of sports for the purpose of eradicating human trafficking through unified initiatives that maximize impact. The mission will be accomplished by developing relationships with Sports Industry Professionals and Non Professionals and utilizing their involvement and influence alongside the efforts of trafficking survivors and related NGO’s for initiatives that fall within the structure of our 4 Pillar Formula as follows:

Enlighten + Educate + Engage + Empower = ERADICATE.

Our Strategy

The strategy is to initiate this 4 Pillar process within the sports industry at the professional and university levels. We can then take this same formula to the high school and middle school levels with the collective influence of the sports industry. We believe that by engaging Sports Industry Professionals and College Athletic Departments across North America in a concerted effort, that we can implement effective initiatives to reduce both the supply and the demand that allow this crime to prosper in every high school and middle school.