Sports World Against Trafficking


The primary demographic that can make the most impact in the eradication of human trafficking are students. They have the ability to reduce the supply AND prevent future demand. S.W.A.T. League wants to work with your school alongside area professional and college sports teams and other organizations in your community to ultimately empower your students to make a tangible difference.

If you work for a school district, a specific school, or if you are a concerned parent and want to make your school a Trafficking Free Zone, please complete form below to receive a FREE packet that includes details on all of our school related initiatives.

Packet Registration

Please see our 4 PILLAR FORMULA INFO to learn more about our school related initiatives that include:

  • “Go BLUE” Campaigns
  • Educational Film Promotion
  • Survivor Led Assemblies
  • Nudes No More
  • Preventative Technologies (Interactive Middle School Curriculum Coming Soon)
  • School Leader Response Certification
  • Large Regional Campaigns
  • Student Led Assemblies
  • Global Prevention through Clean Water