Sports World Against Trafficking


For companies that want to do their part in the fight to end human trafficking, S.W.A.T. League will design a strategy for your company based on your company structure and the demographics of your employees and market. We have opportunities for local companies and national companies that will maximize your impact in this issue and will send a message to your staff and customers that your company supports the safety of children and exploitation will not be tolerated.

Some of the corporate opportunities include

  • Staff Training to recognize trafficking
  • Becoming and official Corporate Partner by training your staff to recognize our preventative technology
  • Other Opportunities within our technology development
  • Project Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Survivor Recovery Scholarships in the name of your company
  • Survivor Educational Scholarships in the name of your company
  • Opportunities to co-market S.W.A.T. League products that support our educational initiatives

To set up a time to see how your company can be part of this movement, please contact us at