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Survivor Secondary Level Education

S.W.A.T. League is working to expand a curriculum developed by the Covering House they are using to educate female victims between the ages of 13-17 from across the United States who are brought to their organization. This program is part of a holistic restorative program and will work in conjunction with therapeutic counseling services and life skills classes. Units of study are built around themes and topics that are discussed in counseling.

Survivor College Education

S.W.A.T. League is working with a select group of universities to develop strategies for survivors of human trafficking that will provide curriculum and scholarship opportunities. This strategy will allow survivors who qualify an opportunity to further their education so that they can maximize their impact and set realistic goals that they can attain in their life moving forward. This will help each survivor realize their purpose and give them the tools needed to pursue that purpose. Classes will be made available online so that they can be taken in a place where they feel most comfortable. This will require financial support from corporations and philanthropists who want to help make this possible.

Survivor Network Fund for School/Church Assemblies

One of the biggest challenges for survivors who want to help prevent others from becoming victims of human trafficking is that it has been difficult for them to secure opportunities to share their story with the audiences that need to hear it the most. They want to share their story to teens and preteens who are the target demographic along with their parents. We want to help survivors maximize their impact by coordinating speaking engagements on their behalf, so they can spend more time speaking and less time dealing with administrative issues.