Sports World Against Trafficking


SWAT LEAGUE is excited to announce its partnership with the Wandersafe App and Beacon device. Both the App and Beacon device are a must for anyone that ventures out in the public on college campuses, at concerts and ballgames, in public parks, or in parking lots.


WanderSafe is a FREE GLOBAL APP that can help protect your family from harm. The app is designed to protect pedestrians from abduction. If the user finds themselves in a dangerous situation, they can quickly notify their predetermined three emergency contacts. The contacts will receive a text message that notifies them of the potential situation along with a link that shares the GPS location where the app was activated. The user can also post data to note suspicious activity that they may encounter along the way.



The Beacon is a handheld device that uses Bluetooth technology and works in conjunction with the Wandersafe App. In a situation where a perpetrator tries to abduct, rape, or attack a person in any way, the phone is not always accessible. However, with the click of a button, the Beacon sends the emergency text message to the three emergency contacts just like the App. The Beacon also offers a key benefit that we ate SWAT LEAGUE believe can help prevent an attack. The Beacon has a built in alarm that will scare a potential predator away for fear of being caught. By simply twisting the top of the device (which can easily be done with 1 hand), the strobe light on the device is activated and a loud alarm that can be heard from 500 feet away is activated. We encourage every family to purchase a Beacon for their children. It is also a great gift for single mothers.

To purchase a BEACON, click HERE and use the code SWATLeague10 for a $10 discount.

Also, note that by purchasing a BEACON, not only are you protecting those you love, but you are also supporting education and technology that help prevent human trafficking, as well as educational scholarships for survivors.